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manifesting artistic excellence


Toi is Rongoā, Waikato Museum 2022

Installation: Kaue Runga, Kauae Raro

Margaret Aull, Leilani Kake, Elizabeth Gray

Installation: Kaue Runga, Kauae Raro   - Margaret Aull, Leilani Kake, Elizabeth Gray

A group show at Waikato Museum

Nā Margaret Aull  

Toi is Rongoā began as a collaborative work first developed in 2020 for Whenua Ukaipo, United Nations 17 Sustainable goals with Digital artist Leilani Kake, Taonga pūoro specialist Elizabeth Gray and Painter, installation artist Margaret Aull.  It grew into a 3 year rangahau (research) based project and 2 more iterations of this kaupapa (initiative).  In amidst COVID and changing alert levels the exhibition was scaled up to include 11 other artists over a 6 month period at Waikato Museum.

This exhibition offered an extensive programme of artists talks and a 2 day symposium with revered experts and artists such as Kereti Rautangata, Te Rita Papesch, Hinewīrangi Kohu Morgan and many others.

Co curated by Maree Mills and ringatoi (artist) Margaret Aull the exhibition was a call for action and aimed at advocating for an holistic approach to health and wellbeing across the sector and community.

"An aim was to exemplify that Toi is not art - it is the manifestation of mātauranga māori and that all  expressions of this is not isolated from our environment from what we hear, see and feel.  Toi is Rongoā isn't a 'nice to have', it is not 'a can be'.  It simply is."

Ringatoi included:

Aimee Ratana | Dorothy Waetford |  Eugene Kara | Hemi MacGregor | Hiria Anderson | Israel Birch | Lissy and Rudi Robinson-Cole | Louise Potiki Bryant  | Natalie Robertson | Regan Balzer | Tawhanga Nopera

Kupu whakaniko: Maria Huata

Sponsored by: Creative NZ and Waikato Museum

Images:   Courtesy of Margaret Aull


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