Photo By Norm Heke

He pūhoro ō mua, he pūhoro ki tua

Te Ātinga is a Contemporary Māori Visual Arts committee that focuses on supporting
Māori artists to explore, experiment, develop and share their creative interests. What makes
it different from mainstream New Zealand art is that our Māori art forms can come together
to create whānau, hapū, iwi and group events. These rely on individual artists who can help
to establish style, identity and standards to give expression to the collective needs.
Te Ātinga policies have helped artists to focus on their art forms and their needs.
This encourages innovation and initiatives for cultural exploration that can lead into
the use of new materials, technologies and inter-cultural exchanges that modernise and
challenge the status quo. It also does simple support processes like helping an artist buy
materials to do their mahi. That Te Ātinga still works for its clients, after
25+ years, is a measure of its achievements. It is a credit to its leaders and committee
members who have retained its purpose, credibility and integrity.
Ka nui te mihi,

Dr Cliff Whiting ONZ

Current Committee

Te Ātinga Contemporary Māori Visual Arts Committee service

Sandy Adsett
1987-2014 founding member (Chair 1987-2004)

Manos Nathan
1987-2014 founding member (Chair 2004-2005)

Kura Te Waru-Rewiri
1987-1991 founding member

Robyn Kahukiwa
1987-1989 founding member

Aromea Te Maipi
1987-1989 founding member

Ross Hemera
1987-1991 founding member

Colleen Urlich

Ngapine Allen

Steve Gibbs

June Grant

Ngaromoana Raureti

Derek Lardelli
1994-1997 floating membership

Paerau Corneal
1994-1996 floating membership

Chris Bryant-Toi
1997-present (Chair 2007-2010)

Gabrielle Belz
2000-present (Chair 2005-2007)

Ngataiharuru Taepa
2000-2008, 2010-2020 (Chair 2010-2015)

Dorothy Wateford

Hemi Macgregor 


Nigel Borell
2008-present (Chair 2016)

Tāwera Tahuri
2015-present (Secretary)

Priscilla Cowie

Regan Balzer

Margaret Aull
2015-present (Chair)

Simon Kaan

BJ Natanahira

Paora Allen 



Te Ātinga, e Aue,

Te Ātinga taku hei

E pupu ake nei.

Te Ātinga, e Aue

Te Ātinga, taku hei

E wawau ake nei.

E kore e Waimemeha,

No te pō-hakune atu, hakune mai.

E kore e takarita,

No te po tipu, po rea

Karanga mai!

I te maruanuku o waimatua

Ka tū a takahi, toitu ki taiao

Ki te Ao Marama e,

Hei a ia te ao nei,

Mai te huka o te tai,

Ki te Ao Parauri e.

Te Ātinga, e Aue,

Te Ātinga taku hei,

E wawau ake nei.

Te Ātinga taku hei,

E pupu ake hi !

Composed 1995 by Dr. Derek Lardelli ONZM,

Ngāti Porou, Rongowhakaata

Ngāti Konohi (Ngāi Te Riwai),

Ngāti Kaipoho (Ngāi Te Aweawe).


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