Dorothy Waetford

Tribal Affiliations: Ngātiwai, Ngātihine, Ngāpuhi-nui-tonu

The dust hangs thick in the air, tōtara after tōtara fall, silent inner reverberations felt.
Mentor to many, Manos Nathan spoke about mileage – "you've got to do the miles, do the hard yards", referring to the fact that there are no shortcuts on the learning curve - no one can teach you what experience can.Colleen Waata Urlich referred to the words of Sir James Henare "kua tawhiti kē tō haerenga mai, kia kore e haere tonu; he tino nui rawa o mahi, kia kore e mahi tonu - you have come to far not to go further; you have done too much, not to do more"

Looking back to move forward once again, I refer to the end of the ōhaki Te Ruki Kawiti spoke to his people, "Tītiro atu ki ngā taumata o te moana. Look beyond the sea, to the transfiguration of the future".

"I would like to engender a sense of appreciation and gratitude for Māori contemporary visual arts within Taitokerau, throughout the country and across the world".

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