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Rohe Focus

Matariki/ Puanga 2023
June - July 

Whanganui - Awa Rere Roa Collective

'He tohu tena pea - Perhaps it is a sign'

26th May - 30th June

Sarjeant Gallery - Whanganui

A group exhibition of works by Whanganui artists to celebrate Puanga/ Matariki. A joint initiative by Awa Rere Roa - Maori Visual Arts collective, cirated by Vanessa Edwrds together with Te Whare o Rehua - The Sarjeant Gallery. 

Artists include - Brigham Anderson, Gabrielle Belz, Jacqui Broughton, Vanessa Edwards, Aaron Te Rangiao, Cecelia Kumeroa, Natasha Keating, Hemi Kiwikiwi, Ngaroma Poa, Tokarārangi Poa, Maehe Ranginui, Ming Ranginui, Tia Ranginui, Frances Stachl, Wi Taepa, Rochelle Te Kaho, Maiangi Waitai, Raukura Naani Waitai.

Kohitātea - Huitanguru 2023
January - February

Toi O Taranaki ki Tonga 

'Dancing with Stars'

Gabrielle Belz

The dance of life is wonderful as we meet people who impact on our growth and development. The work in this collection of works, celebrates some of the unforgettable people who have touched and honored my life with their presence in it. Although each work is inspired by real people, they are not portraits of them, but a recognition of their values, and memorable times shared. Through the medium of imagery and symbolism I embrace them, while the dance is relived with aroha.

'Map Making and Path Finding'

Private collection of Gabrielle Belz

A collection of 30 prints by printmakers around the globe, co-ordinated by Melanie Yazzie PhD. Melanie Yazzie, (Dine’ - Navajo) has had a long association with printmakers from many cultures, her involvement with Aotearoa began at Apumoana Marae in 1995, and has been ongoing since then.

A multi-media artist, she is also an active printmaker and has been constructive in promoting print among diverse cultures and communities throughout her career.

Various print processes used in this collection depict the artists’ response to visualizing an approach to pathways in life.

Here-turi-kōkā - October 2022

Toi o Taranaki ki Tonga



The event hit full capacity and also attracted a number of Māori from outside of the region but Whakapapa back to the rohe and areas of Waipā. Participants also included academic lead Dr Aroha Yates Smith and Maree Mills curator Māori for Waikato Museum.

There was a larger number of new artists to the Toi ki Waikato forum which was pleasing to see. Studios were set up inside the wharekai where artists were encouraged to korero and share techniques.

This was the second hui for Maungatautari. The wānanga are gaining traction with the view to strengthen connectivity, opportunities and networks for artists in the community.

It is aimed that these hui are run twice a year with the view to encourage artists and their Marae to host if able. Toi ki Waikato Wānanga are facilitated voluntarily by Te Ātinga with their community.

‘As an artist that is quite new to the scene, experiences like the Toi ki Waikato hui are precious and invaluable. The hui provided me with the opportunity to connect with other Māori artists in the region, sparking new ideas and opportunities for collaboration. I was so impressed to see that within the space that was created, there seemed to be natural tuakana-teina relationships forming between experts in a given skill and those that were willing to learn. There was a beautiful sharing and transmission of knowledge both traditional and contemporary. I am excited to participate in more wānanga like this in the future.’ - Ariane Thompson



Artists involved

Frances Stachl, Tapirioterangi Pirikahu, Tia Ranginui, Tibet Ranginui, Natasha Keating, Maehe Ranginui, Isaiah Barlow, Hemi Kiwikiwi, Aaron Te Rangiao, Toka Poa, Ngaroma Poa,  Rochelle Te Kaho, Cecelia Kumeroa, Wi Taepa, Gabrielle Belz,  Rere Sutherland and Vanessa Wairata Edwards (curator).

Reporting Back 2 0 2 2

E rere kau mai te awa nui mai i Te Kāhui Maunga ki Tangaroa, 

ko au te awa, ko te awa ko au.

Reporting Back  2022 is a homecoming exhibition. 
It is a combination of two years work created in 2020 and 2021, whilst studying with Te Toioho ki Āpiti -  Massey University.  This is the first time that these works have been shown back home. 
The kaupapa of these works relate to narratives that belong to Whanganui, Ngāti Rangi and Ngā Wairiki iwi. The first 5 paintings belong to a series called ‘Invoking Mana’. The second set of 5 belong to a series called ‘Te Waiū o te Ika’. Further explanation is found in the statements preceding each body of work. 

Naani Waitai

Huritau - Whanganui artists reflect on the past year.

1. (verb) (-a,-tia) to consider, reflect upon.

Huritau is usually a word associated with birthdays and celebrating the anniversary of one's birth, but it simply means the turning of the year and can refer to any anniversary. It also means to consider or reflect upon.  This show considers what has happened within the last year through the artworks of those participating. 

Artists  selected contributed a resolved work or series of works made since last Puanga,   Not only did the exhibition showcase some of Whanganui’s most renowned Maori artists including Wi Taeapa, Natasha Keating & Frances Stachl but some rising stars like Tia Ranginui and emerging artists like Toka and Ngaroma Poa. 

It achieved everything we set out to do, identifying & connecting our practitioners and activating space within our community.  Next up we look to wananga kotahi and continue our korero. 

Far North


Waikato - Click on the image

Native Voices Group Exhibition

Curated By Rina & Tai Kerekere

Local Tairāwhiti Galleries

Te Wānanga Harikoa

Pōneke Happenings

Toi Waikato


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