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An exciting month for Te Ātinga Contemporary Māori Visual Arts Committee of Toi Māori Aotearoa (NZ).

Presenting two new initiatives, He Kete Kōrero  blog and the launch of Te Ātinga Toi Māori YouTube.

He Kete Kōrero, presents blogs written by Te Ātinga Committee members sharing current, creative insights on contemporary Māori and indigenous visual arts around the region and abroad.  

Te Ātinga Toi Māori YouTube Channel, kicks off with an impressive suite of Artist Talks.  The "Kōrero Toi" webinar series was recorded between 8th April – 8th July 2022.

Kōrero Toi: Māori and Indigenous Artist Talks

Nā Regan Balzer

We are proud to announce the launch of the Te Ātinga Toi Māori YouTube channel, with the Kōrero Toi webinar series recorded live from 8 April – 8 July 2022, now available for viewing.  

Kōrero Toi showcases the large, indigenous, visual artist networks and relationships built over three decades of Te Ātinga.  A unique and insightful series, Kōrero Toi comprises of fourteen videos featuring thirty-three artists, educators and curators, highly recognised in their respective fields, who share first-hand about their creative practices and journeys in the arts.   Hosted by Regan Balzer (Te Ātinga committee member and artist), with technical support by Dorothy Waetford (Te Ātinga committee member and artist), these videos are a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about Contemporary Māori and Indigenous Arts.  

Artists in Kōrero Toi 2022:  

Vanessa Wairata Edwards (Printmaker, Te Ātinga Committee) 

Bethany Matai Edmunds (Fibre Artist, Te Ātinga Committee) 

Gabrielle Belz (Printmaker, Installation Artist, past Te Ātinga Chair) 

Chris Bryant-Toi (Painter, Kaiwhakairo, past Te Ātinga Chair) 

Carla Ruka (Uku/Clay Sculptor) 

Baye Riddell (Uku/Clay Sculptor)

Donn Ratana (Sculptor, Mixed-Media Artist)

Viri Taimana & Tokainuia Devatine (Tahitian School of Arts)

Erena Koopu (Painter) 

June Grant (Painter, past Te Ātinga Committee)

James Ormsby (Mixed-Media Artist) 

Tame Iti (Painter, Sculptor)

Linda Munn (Painter, Uku Sculptor)

Tāwera Tahuri (Painter, Sculptor) 

Kura Te Waru Rewiri (Painter)

Rangi Kipa (Carver, Adornment, Multi-Media Artist) 

Darcy Nicholas (Painter, Sculptor)

Poihakena Ngāwati (TECHS X) (Graphic Designer, Mural Artist) 

Miriama Grace (Graphic Designer, Mural Artist)

Wi Taepa (Uku/ Clay Sculptor)

Ngataiharuru Taepa (Painter, Te Ātinga Chair) 

Kereama Taepa (Multi-Media Artist)

Lehua Waipa Ah Nee (Photographer - Hawaii)

Marwin Begaye (Printmaker - Pueblo) 

Mario Caro (Indigenous Arts Advocate - USA)

Margaret Aull (Mixed-Media Artist, Project Manager, present Te Ātinga Chair) 

Hiria Anderson (Painter)

Hollie Tawhiao (Mixed-Media Artist, Curator) 

Nathan Pohio (Multi-Media Artist, Curator)

Maureen Lander (Fibre Installation Artist) 

Maungarongo (Ron) TeKawa (Fibre/Quilting Artist)

Use this link to view the series


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